Hogeschool VIVES Brugge

The bachelor in Hotel Management of VIVES University College in Bruges really
gets you started. A study by Guidea – knowledge center for tourism and catering – shows that more than 120,000 people work in the hospitality industry in Belgium, almost 70,000 of whom work in Flanders. A lack of qualified staff ensures that those with a bachelor’s degree in Hotel Management from VIVES University College are very wanted in the labor market. As a bachelor in Hotel Management you are a professional in the fascinating world of Hospitality.
Large professional knowledge and skills, four or five different languages,
management and ICT skills, teamwork, hospitality and presentation skills and
international experiences, that's what the hotel management training is all about! Assets that are highly valued in many other sectors and that certainly give you the chance to study further and thus obtain a Master's degree.
Students in VIVES Hotel Management are dynamic people who love frequent social contacts, seek challenges and work creatively in a team. Of course, studying is also more than just lessons and assignments. In addition to student-oriented activities, for example, the student association Sorhoma organizes an annual colloquium for the entire program, both students and teachers.

Xaverianenstraat 10, 8200 Bruges, Belgium
+ 32 (0)50 30 51 00