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Digital publication MICE Magazine is an editorial service of Venues Online and
Eventonline. Venues Online (www.venuesonline.be) is the most complete online ‘venue locator’ in Belgium. This website regroups all top-notch meeting, congress and event locations for your convenience. Focusing only on B2B, with a no-nonsense design, but with a surprisingly high amount of information.

Since its creation, more than 13 years ago, Eventonline (www.eventonline.be) has been the online event guide for the organization of corporate and private parties. Venues Online and Eventonline are the fastest and smartest venue and event site locaters on the Internet. Both forums have a designed look and are crystal clearly structured. With the many and powerful search tools, selection and preference options, you will find exactly what you need and in no time. Both sites are also updated daily and to further increase the efficiency of our advertisers, we send regular newsletters to 45,000 Belgian clients. Our subscribers are noticed, online and offline.

Eventonline and Venues Online have evolved during the years due to our never-ending passion for entertainment, unique locations and quality suppliers. Erik Wood and Olivier Wauters are the driving forces of Eventonline and Venues Online. With more than ten years of experience in online marketing in Belgium, they are considered pioneers in their field. Today, they channel all their knowledge and experience in www.mice-magazine.com, the most comprehensive online news site about the MICE industry.

For more information contact Erik Wood, CEO, via +32 474 46 72 91 or
via info@eventonline.be/ info@venuesonline.be.

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