Talented people no longer choose a company for its primary conditions: they are looking for development possibilities and ‘the higher purpose’. How can we, as professionals, make sure that those talents stay within the hospitality industry and make sure they feel successful? Success can also mean ‘significance to others’, ‘doing what you want to do’ and ‘utilising your talent for a greater cause’. But what happens when the ‘greater cause’ obstructs us from doing what we want to do? Do we collapse and give up, or do we strike back?

What is your flight (plan) to success?


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What is your flight (plan) to success?


Success can have different interpretations; it is a matter of personal preference. Organisational structures are changing and new business models are arising. We shifted from a world of materialism to a world of mentalism. Is this happening because we are no longer satisfied with monetary value? How do we determine if we are happy, what generates the added value and how do we recognize that?

Success is not a fixed fact anymore; it moves with the individual’s phase of life and the world around him or her. Today’s challenge is to find out what drives us, what is important and what generates the most value. What makes us define if we have reached our destination?


That is why we ask you: What is your flight (plan) to success?