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HotelloTOP Belgium is the network event for decision makers from the hospitality industry, who would like to stay updated on upcoming trends and challenges within the market, and who wish to network with likeminded professionals in an informal setting. Exchanging thoughts and doing business among each other are top of the agenda. Needless to say, we know that is does not matter what you know, but who you know. That is what makes the Hotello life so challenging and dynamic!

In 2018, the HotelloTOP network (in the Netherlands) exists 15 years. HotellopTOP is an initative of Servicecenter 4Hospitalty, which is the network organisation for alumni of Hotel Management schools. The goal of HotelloTOP is to be the biggest international networking platform within the hospitality sector. Through multiple networking events a platform is offered at which thoughts can be exchanged and business can be done in an informal manner. The great success of HotelloTOP is due to the connection that arises as a result of the common Hotel Management school background,

in which the ‘granting’ of business is a key factor. The thing that differentiates Hotello’s, and which the outside world recognizes and acknowledges them by, are the core values: hospitable, optimistic, energetic, socially skilful, inventive, pragmatic, ambitious and with a high work ethic. The HotelloTOP networking platform reaches over 5000 hospitality professionals, and focuses on alumni of international Hotel Management schools. The first HotelloTOP networking gathering took place at the BBB hotel and catering industry fair, in 2004 in Maastricht. Five years later, HotelloTOP

celebrated its first lustrum at the Horecava in Amsterdam, for which more than 1000 hospitality professionals were invited. Next to the HotelloTOP Year Event, new initiatives are constantly launched in order to enlarge our network within the hospitality and gastronomy sector. With this aim HotelloTOP Germany was launched four years ago, in collaboration with the Wirtschaftsschule für Hotellerie und Gastronomie (WIHOGA) in Dortmund. To add, various Hotello networking drinks are organised in München, London, Berlin and Dubai among others.

HotelloTOP Belgium offers the possibility to network with colleagues of the hospitality industry. The goals of HotelloTOP Belgium are as follows: – Tracking and tracing alumni of Hotel Management schools. – Bringing together professionals with a distinct vision and years of experience in the hospitality to share experiences, build and maintain relationships. – Strengthening the bond that Hotello’s have, thanks to their joint Hotel Management School background. – Providing a safety net for (prospective) young professionals, by introducing them to the network during their studies, and letting the network function as a bridge between young professionals and hospitality professionals.- Generating more support for the network and for the hospitality industry as a whole through long-term partnerships.

The precursor of HotelloTOP Belgium, the GM Power Vision, took place on November 20, 2012 at the Horeca Expo Flanders Expo in Ghent. After a successful edition of the GM Power Vision, where, in particular, the General Managers of the Belgian hospitality were present, we decided to launch HotelloTOP in Belgium, in collaboration with three Belgian Higher Educations with a bachelor in Hotel Management (‘Katholieke Hogeschool VIVES’ – Bruges, ‘Artesis Plantijn Hogeschool Antwerpen’ – Antwerp and ‘Erasmushogeschool Brussel’ – Brussels). On March 27th 2018, the fifth edition will take place during VENUEZ18, the hospitality show in Antwerp.




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